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About us

Cheltenham Borough Council’s licensing training is delivered by experienced licensing officers.  Our licensing trainers are able to bring a unique perspective and insight to licensing training, being able to draw on their regulatory knowledge and understanding of the licensed trade.

This unique position is of great benefit to learners and customers who gets the best of both worlds and leave with a unique understanding of the roles they occupy in the licensed trade.

Our Level 2 training is fully accredited through Highfield Qualifications and recognised anywhere in England and Wales.

All our courses are held in central Cheltenham conveniently near car parks and public transport hubs.  You can also gain your qualification entirely remotely via our e-learning and remote invigilation options.

If you have any questions about our training services or would like to discuss your training needs, please contact us.

What We do

  • Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH)
  • Pre-application licensing advice
  • Taxi and private hire training

All our training fees are inclusive of everything you will need to pass the course assessment and, where relevant, gain your qualification.

This includes:

  • All the course material and joining instructions
  • Exam and/or assessment fees
  • Certificates and qualifications
  • Access to advice and support