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Learning through Covid-19

We can offer students our fully accredited licensing level 2 qualification during the current restrictions imposed by the Government.

Our digital learning and assessment provides you with the opportunity to access an online e-learning package, to be completed at your convenience and in the safety of your home. Once you are ready to take your exam, our digital invigilation allows you to adhere to government isolation advice and sit and isolated examination allowing you to achieving your fully accredited level 2 licensing qualification.

How it works

Learners would sign up to an exclusively distance learning package which would give them access to an online e-learning module that could be completed at their convenience.  Once learners are ready to take their exam, they can arrange to sit their exam from the comforts of their own space. The exam will need to be taken within office hours (and arranged through Highfield).

Remote Invigilation

  • For the exam, candidates must select an isolated area, where they will not be interrupted, to complete their invigilation under the required conditions.
  • Candidates will be given their unique credentials on registration, which will allow them to log in exclusively.
  • Delegates sitting any assessment will be required to prove they are complying with exam conditions. This requires them to use their smartphone and webcam to film around their environment to show they are in an isolated area with no notes or learning aids. They will then be required to place their smartphone in an area that films them through the completion of their assessment.
  • Invigilators will evaluate each candidate‚Äôs performance and look out for the tell-tale signs of cheating. This process has been proven to identify any dishonest actions made by the people sitting assessment.

If successful, your certificate will be sent to you directly. Please contact us if you need anymore information.